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Insert witty saying here. Honestly, I just want tea.

I’m Teresa—a 37-year-old lady with a penchant for rainy weather, tea, and the ocean, who spends her days living in her head, as well as helping writers with their careers in any way I can. Nothing brings me joy like designing and publishing does!

I’ve also worked as the Marketing Coordinator for BookSweeps, proofreader for Evernight Publishing & Dreamspinner Press. Currently, I’m the Graphic Designer over at Book Brush and Social Media Coordinator for BossyPants VA.

I’m also an author myself, having published erotic romance stories under the pen name Torrance Sené for Cleis Press, HarperCollins UK, various small indie publishers, and self-published as well.


The Care and Feeding of Your Cover Artist by Bronwyn Green @ Romance Rehab (2018)

A Creative Entrepreneur Interview by Linda Barutha @ Bloom Your Craft (2016)

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