Social Media Content Ideas for Authors — April

Hey, writers! I’m back for another month of social media post ideas for authors. This actually completes our whole year of content ideas. Missed previous months? No worries, check out the social media tag here to view them.

April fully brings us into the spring season, and you can feel the creative energy brimming already. From celebrating National Poetry Month to embracing World Book Day, I’ve got you covered with creative prompts to delight your readers and spark meaningful connections this month. Let’s get started!

Library Snap Shot Day (April 1st): Visit your local library and share a photo to your Instagram stories. (There’s also National Library Week starting April 7th, National Bookmobile Day on April 10th, International Special Librarians Day on April 13th, and Thank You for Libraries Day on April 21st.)

Spring Flings: Recommend some of your fave springtime romances. Creating content for readers is actually a very good way to get visibility to your author profile. Lure them to you rather than chasing them 😉

Independent Artist Day™ (April 3rd): With the rise of AI threatening the careers of so many artists and having stolen from some, use today to shout out your fave artists who create book-related content, like book covers, character portraits, social media graphics, and more. (There’s also National Freelance Business Week starting on April 15th and International Creator Day on April 23rd.)

Genuine Engagement Farming: Ask for recommendations from your audience. Movies to watch, tv shows they can’t stop raving about, recent music that’s blown them away, etc. People LOVE to share the things they enjoy because you loving it as well sparks a connection between you and your audience, letting them feel a little closer to you without you having to be too intimate.

Subscriptions: Have any books available in Kindle Unlimited, Kobo Plus, or Everand? Remind readers if you have books available in any subscription service. This can help find you another type of reader that’s not in your audience yet. (I personally have had great experience with putting on series into KU and finding new readers I wouldn’t otherwise had.)

Viral Video Day (April 29th): Jump on a current viral trend and see what happens today! Maybe you reach a new audience, maybe you don’t. But it’s a fun way to celebrate the day.

World Semicolon Day (April 16th): Do your books feature mental health rep? Spotlight the importance of these books are to those who need them, who need to be seen and know they aren’t alone.

National Tea Day (April 21st): A holiday after my own heart. If you’re a tea fiend like me, use today to share a lovely flat lay of one of your books with a whimsical or gorgeous tea cup/mug alongside it.

Swag It Up: Post a photo of some of your author/book merch that’s available for readers. Something like this. Instagram is a visual platform, remember. Pretty images do well.

World Book Day (April 23rd): Celebrate being a bookworm in whatever form you’d like! Share your book, share others’ books, or even film a timelapse of you curled up and cozy as you read a few chapters for the evening.

BONUS Social Media Post Ideas for Authors: Other April Bookish Events/Days

  • Autism Acceptance Month: Shine a spotlight on book featuring autistic characters in your genre. (Refrain from using imagery that features puzzle pieces. The autistic community has spoken out on how harmful that is.)
  • Couple Appreciation Month: A perfect prompt use for content all month long. Feature the best couples for your books, from other authors’ books, etc. There’s also National Lover’s Day on April 23rd.
  • Deaf History Month: Shine a spotlight on book featuring deaf or hard-of-hearing characters in your genre. There’s also National ASL Day on April 15th.
  • Celebrate Diversity Month: Feature books from diverse authors throughout the month!
  • National Card and Letter Writing Month: If you write or have written epistolary books, this month is perfect for you.
  • Reading is Funny Day (April 1st): Write books of a comedic nature? Tie this holiday into your marketing.
  • International Children’s Book Day (April 2nd): Feature your picture books today in fun and interesting way. Wanna create more content for kids? There’s also Encourage a Young Writer Day on April 10th and Celebrate Teen Literature Day on April 18th.
  • International ASMR Day (April 9th): Turn pages or sip tea etc for an immersive video. While this doesn’t technically tie into your book, it does help your account get exposure from shares. People especially love these aesthetic videos on Instagram.
  • Eid al-Fitr (April 10th): Perfect day to feature your fave Muslim authors and books.
  • Day of Silence (April 12th): As per National Today, “Created in 1996 and taking place on April 12 this year, Day of Silence is a campaign that seeks to shed light on what many LGBTQ youth experience daily.” Use today to spotlight important books that center the experiences of queer youth.
  • Vaisakhi (April 13th): Vaisakhi is a celebration of the spring harvest in Indian and Sikh culture. Use today to share your fave Indian authors and novels.
  • National Donate a Book Day (April 14th): Film a reel of you placing a book or two into your local Little Free Library etc.
  • Cake and Cunnilingus Day (April 14th): Write erotic romance or erotica? Share an oral scene from one of your books in honor of today’s spicy holiday.
  • National Horny Day (April 16th): Share a steamy teaser from one of your backlist books to put some new eyes on it.
  • Poetry & The Creative Mind Day (April 19th): A wonderful day to celebrate poets and poetry.
  • World Stationery Day (April 24th): A great time to share a photo of your office, office for the day (if you’re mobile and working elsewhere), or maybe even a spread in your planner or journal.
  • Alien Day (April 26th): Sci-Fi writers, this is for you. Share how you became inspired to create one of the alien races in your books.
  • National Superhero Day (April 28th): Does your book feature superhero characters? Here’s a day for you!
  • National Bubble Tea Day (April 30th): Visit a cafe and snap a photo of your WIP or book with a cup of boba tea. Sort of like this photo here from author Rhian Edwards.

Be sure to bookmark this blog post for future reference 🔖 More social media post ideas for authors can be found in the archive here. And don’t forget to also check out my Spring Canva Templates to help you promote your book this upcoming season. I have over 30+ ready-made templates that can be used on the Canva free plan to help make your content marketing batching simple and easy. All you have to do is drop your book cover into them.

Post by Teresa Conner

Teresa is a full-time freelance book cover designer and graphic designer for Wolfsparrow Covers. When not creating graphics or book covers for indie authors and traditional publishers, Teresa can be found writing erotic romance under her pen name Torrance Sené or fueling her addictions to tea, planners, and Marvel.