Social Media Content Ideas for Authors — September

The month of September has arrived, writer friends! I’m back for another month of social media content ideas for authors. Here’s some quick and simple content ideas for those days when you can’t think of what to post. These can be regular photo posts, carousels, or made into videos/reels.

Labor Day (Sept 4th): Are you a romance author who writes about blue collar workers? Tie some Labor Day vibes into your marketing.

National Read a Book Day (Sept 6th), Buy a Book Day (Sept 7th), and International/World Literacy Day (Sept 8th): Encourage your readers and fellow author buddies to pick up a book today, even better if they use it as a change to promote literacy.

Four Truths and a Lie: Share four “facts” with your readers and have them guess in the comments which one is false. Good engagement booster!

National Feel the Love Day (Sept 7th): Another wonderful day to celebrate a romance book, found family books, or a family saga literary title. According to National Today, “The day is a reminder of how all kinds of love make our lives richer. Love makes us happy, secure, and feel understood. This is the day to count your blessings and cherish the people who bring you so much joy.”

Hello, Autumn (or Spring): Welcome the new season in your hemisphere, and share how you plan on celebrating it. The autumn (or spring) equinox is on September 23 this year. Maybe share a recipe with your readers or a themed reading list. “10 Cozy Autumn Reads” etc. (Chuseok [the Korean Lunar Festival] happens on Sept 10th and the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is on Sept 29th, you could tie into those holidays as well by showcasing books by East & South Asian authors. There is also the Jewish festival of Sukkot on Sept 29th.)

Bookish Merch: Share your fave swag! This can be your own or some you’ve received from bookish events. Stickers, bookmarks, fashion accessories (like writing gloves or scarves) and more!

Strange Inspiration: Share the non-writing craft books that have most influenced your writing.

Reading or Writing Journal: Share aesthetic photos or a video of your journal where you talk about your WIPs or the one where you track your reading for the year.

Musical pairings: Post all the books in one of your series paired with a single song that really encompasses the energy of the book.

National Live Creative Day (Sept 14): Celebrate creativity and what it means for you today. Perhaps give a special glimpse into your creative process. Especially in this age of AI, shine a light on how humans are the ones with the ability to be creative.

BONUS: Other Bookish Events/Days in September for Social Media Content Ideas

  • National Yoga Awareness Month: Perfect month to tie into your yoga book marketing.
  • World Letter Writing Day (Sept 1st): So much you could do with this one. Write a letter to your readers. Have a character write a letter to your readers. Have characters write to each other. Etc.
  • National Crime Prevention Week (Sept 1st-7th): Crime, mystery, or thriller writer? Use this week to your advantage and promote your books.
  • Fight Procrastination Day (Sept 6th): Are you someone who writes in the productivity and goal setting world? Share some tips on how to beat procrastination today.
  • National Ampersand Day (Sept 9th): Celebrate the wonderful visual of the & by sharing some beautiful art. (Please give credit to the artist if you’re not the creator of the piece.)
  • Swap Ideas Day (Sept 10th): Today is all about coming together to bounce ideas off each other. Find a way to rope that notion into your marketing if it works for your book or platform.
  • Libraries Remember Day (Sept 11th): This day acknowledges the role of public libraries in social welfare.
  • Read An eBook Day (Sept 18th): Share some eBooks deals of your own books or fellow authors.
  • World Gratitude Day (Sept 21st): Show thankfulness to your readers and maybe give them a little special treat (free story, book, scene etc).
  • Native American Day (Sept 22nd): Lift up the works of Native American authors today.
  • Celebrate Bisexuality Day (Sept 23rd): Biphobia is everywhere, even in the LGBTQAI+ community itself. Shine a light on bisexual authors and their books today.
  • International Day of Sign Languages (Sept 23rd) and World Day of The Deaf (Sept 24th): Disability awareness and representation is so important. Share your favorite books by hard-of-hearing or deaf authors or featuring HOH or deaf characters.
  • National Coffee Day (Sept 29th): I mean, coffee and writing go hand-in-hand. Share an aesthetic flat lay photo of a cup of java and your latest release.
  • International Podcast Day (Sept 30th): Share your favorite podcasts. Could be writing shows, just random ones you enjoy, or you can tie them into your book (“Enjoyed BOOK TITLE, check out these podcasts.”)
  • International Translation Day (Sept 30th): Showcase the translations of your books!
  • National Ghost Hunting Day (Sept 30th): Horror, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy authors, take note.

Come back next month for 10 new social media content ideas for authors. Be sure to save this post for future reference!

Post by Teresa Conner

Teresa is a full-time freelance book cover designer and graphic designer for Wolfsparrow Covers. When not creating graphics or book covers for indie authors and traditional publishers, Teresa can be found writing erotic romance under her pen name Torrance Sené or fueling her addictions to tea, planners, and Marvel.