Social Media Content Ideas for Authors — August

August is here, and I’m back for another month of social media content ideas for authors! Here’s some quick and simple content ideas for those days when you can’t think of what to post. These can be regular photo posts, carousels, or made into videos/reels.

National Resurrect Romance Week (August 6th-12th): Coming six months after Valentine’s Day, this week-long celebration is aimed at shining the spotlight on romance. Perfect for romance authors. Your could create a series of blog posts which include romantic scenes from your fave books, or even tips and ideas for real-life romantic dates. Lure and delight readers in by telling a bit about your own romantic story, if you’re in a relationship.

Your Ideal Weekend: Summer still has us in the northern hemisphere in its grip and those in the southern hemp are focused on all things winter cozy. Everyone loves inspo and distraction, especially when paired together. Share your ideal bookworm weekend with your readers and ask them to share theirs in the comments.

Afternoon Tea Week (August 7th-13th): Besides coffee, tea is most definitely synonymous with books. Perhaps create a 7-day post series where you pair your fave teas with your fave books. (I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to tea with photos and recipes if you need any inspiration.)

Bookshelf Engagement: Give your engagement score a little boost by sharing a photo of the unread books on your bookshelf and ask your followers/readers to recommend their favorite book from it.

National Book Lovers Day (August 9th): Embolden your readers to put down social media and pick up a book (print, audio, or digital!) today.

Location, Location, Location: Create a short video showcasing the locations that have inspired your latest WIP or release. If it’s local to you, actually go there and film snippets, but if not, photos are fine.

Vlogging Day (August 10th): Tie this holiday into your marketing by sharing a short “day in the life of a writer” or “pack readers’ orders with me” vlog on social media (or an even longer one if you’re a YouTuber user).

#ThrowbackThursday: So many ideas could be made from this one phrase… Share what or who got you started on your author journey. Spotlight the books you loved as a kid/teen. Blow the dust off your debut novel and give it a little of the limelight. Options are limitless!

Love Your Bookshop Day (August 14th): Founded by the Australian Booksellers Association, today is a wonderful day to celebrate local bookstores.

This or That: Post a graphic game with book-related choices (like: eBooks or physical books, coffee or tea while reading, inside or outside, quiet or background noise, etc).

BONUS: Other Bookish Events/Days in August for Social Media Content Ideas

  • National Wellness Month: If you’re a nonfiction author in the wellness sphere, this is your month! But even if you aren’t a nonfiction author, you could make a (non-fatphobic) blog post about living a healthy life as a writer, including ergonomics and such.
  • Back to School Month: Great tie-in for middle grade and young adult authors to push their books.
  • National Girlfriend Day (August 1st): Technically, this day is about friendship but… I won’t get into how queerphobic and problematic using “girlfriend” to mean your bestie can be. However, I do urge Sapphic folks to also use this as a day to celebrate Sapphic relationships in their books.
  • Blogger Day (August 5th): Use this day to bring awareness of your blog to your readers or highlight a specific post you love.
  • National Friendship Day (August 6th): Shine a spotlight on the friendships that hold your main characters together!
  • National Sisters Day (August 6th): Celebrate the sisterly ties that are weaved throughout your novel or series—found family counts, too!
  • Psychic Day (August 6th): Do you write paranormal romance or urban fantasy with a psychic at the helm? Tie in some promo about that character into your marketing today.
  • National Simplify Your Life Week (August 7th-13th): Share tips for fellow authors on how you make your writing life easier. Would make a good blog post. Or you could film a time-lapse video of you tidying your office space.
  • National Lazy Day (August 10th): Laziness is of course a capitalistic concept, but that’s another story. Today, encourage your readers to indulge in rest and relaxation—with one of your books 😉
  • National Science Week (August 12th-20th): Do you write characters in STEM? Or even science fiction that relies heavily on the science part? Tie this Australian week into your social media content posts.
  • Gay Uncles Day (August 13th): Today is a fun and important celebration of LGBTQIA+ relatives in American families. Celebrate the gay men in your writing or share your fave MLM books.
  • National Relaxation Day (August 15th): Encourage more Read and Chill. Maybe offer readers a list of your favorite recent reads to get them to pick up something new.

Come back next month for 10 new social media content ideas for authors. Be sure to save this post for future reference! Also, make sure to check out my bundle of summer-themed marketing Canva graphics to help make your content planning this summer a breeze!

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