Social Media Content Ideas for Authors — December

The last month of the year is finally here! And I’m back with more social media content ideas for writers. With December here, it’s the perfect time for writers to connect with their readers in a warm and festive manner. Whether you’re an established author or just starting on your journey, the holiday season provides a fantastic opportunity to captivate your audience and build a stronger connection.

I’ve got a plethora of great social media content ideas for December, guaranteed to deck your virtual halls and keep your readers coming back for more. From celebrating books to holiday cheer, I’ve got a little something for everyone. Let’s rip off the wrapping and get started!

Spiritual Literacy Month (Dec 1st): If you’re a spiritually inclined person (and I’m including anyone spiritual, not just Abrahamic religions here), share your current read with your audience. Readers enjoy seeing what their fave authors are reading.

Finding Joy: Take some time today to celebrate the things that bring you happiness about being an author. If you’re an indie author, what about being indie specifically brings you joy.

Jolabokaflod / Jólabókaflóðið (Dec 24th): In Iceland, Christmas Eve is a night when everyone in the family opens book gifts and spends the entire night reading. Sounds like utter heaven, doesn’t it? Do the same and make a reel about it!

National Download Day (Dec 28th): To celebrate today, share a reader magnet or free download with your audience. (I suggest using a landing page or site like Bookfunnel or StoryOrigin so you can use this as an opportunity to grow your subscribers.)

Fave Reads of the Year: What books stood out in 2023 for you? Share those with your audience. Bookstagram loves a good round-up post.

Global Orgasm Day (Dec 22nd): Spicy romance or erotica writer? Use this sex positive holiday to share a steamy climax snippet from one of your books.

2024 Plans: Dec 29th is National Resolution Planning Day. Use this day to shake up the usual, boring “do less this” and share what your goals as an author are for the new year. Share a sneak peek of your first release of the year if you can.

National Short Story Day (Dec 21st): Use this day to remind your readers of any short stories you have available. Bonus scenes. Epilogues. Etc.

Books You’ll Always Recommend: Share the books that will always have a special place in your heart. Don’t wanna pick out certain books? Share your one-click authors.

My ideal reader is someone who… [fill in the blank]: Use this prompt to create a fun graphic that nails down your target audience. Example: My idea reader is someone who craves and devours sex-positive BDSM romance!

BONUS Social Media Content Ideas for Writers: Other December Bookish Events/Days

  • National Christmas Lights Day (Dec 1st): Tie this day into your marketing by posting a nice aesthetic photo featuring fairy lights.
  • National Women Support Women Day (Dec 1st): Use today to shoutout those women in your life who support your author business. Cover designers, editors, etc.
  • National Candle Day (Dec 3rd): Stage a gorgeous photo of your book and a nice candle to tie this day into your marketing.
  • Hanukkah begins (Dec 7th): Shine a light on your fave Jewish books and authors today.
  • National Letter Writing Day (Dec 7th): Write your readers an end-of-the-year letter and share a photo of it. (You can save this for your newsletter if you don’t want to share on socials.)
  • National Cocoa Day (Dec 13th): Stage a gorgeous photo of your book and a cup of hot cocoa to tie this day into your marketing.
  • More Good Today Day (Dec 14th): Do a random act of kindness today and encourage your audience to do the same. Could also be a good day to give a freebie!
  • International Tea Day (Dec 15th): Post a gorgeous photo of your book and a cup of tea to tie this day into your marketing. Or match your books with different teas for a fun carousel post.
  • Winter Solstice (Dec 21st): Winter is here for the Northern Hemisphere! Share your favorite wintertime books.
  • Christmas (Dec 24th-25th): Share a reel of how your holiday is going. Readers love to see glimpses into their fave authors’ lives!
  • National Candy Cane Day (Dec 26th): Stage a pretty photo of your book and some candy canes to tie this day into your marketing.
  • Kwanzaa (Dec 26th): Share your favorite reads from the year by Black authors!

As we wrap up the December social media content ideas for authors, it’s essential to underscore the significance of consistency. Attention spans tend to be fleeting, so maintaining a regular posting schedule is the key to building a loyal readership. This helps keep you active in the algorithm. Now, consistency does not mean daily posting.

As Katie Steckly says, “the correct strategy for you is one that you’re audience is going to appreciate, that you actually like doing, and what you actually have time for.” That spot in the middle of the Venn diagram is what you want to aim for in planning your content. Whatever schedule works best for you, consistency lies in sticking to it. Can you only post 3 days a week? No problem! But make sure you stick to those 3 days, then. That builds consistency.

And if you’re a romance author who feels overwhelmed when it comes to planning content, take a look at my 2024 Romance Author Social Media bundle. I’ve planned out the entirety of 2024 for you. All 365 days! So many ideas that I haven’t even featured on my blog.

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Teresa is a full-time freelance book cover designer and graphic designer for Wolfsparrow Covers. When not creating graphics or book covers for indie authors and traditional publishers, Teresa can be found writing erotic romance under her pen name Torrance Sené or fueling her addictions to tea, planners, and Marvel.