Social Media Content Ideas for Authors — November

Can you believe it’s already November? It feels like just yesterday we were counting down the days until Halloween and I was sharing October’s social media content ideas for writers. But here we are, Thanksgiving on the horizon and the holiday season right around the corner. As we step into a new month, it’s time to get those creative social media juices flowing. (Yikes. I promise I will never say that again.)

I’ve got a cornucopia of exciting social media content ideas for November, guaranteed to spice up your feeds and keep your readers coming back for more. From cozy writing vibes to Thanksgiving gratitude (and maybe even a touch of early holiday cheer), we’ve got a little something for everyone. Let’s dive in!

National Author’s Day (November 1st): Post about the authors who inspired you to write.

Movies Adaptations: This may be controversial, but share your favorite book-to-film adaptations. They don’t have to be perfect. Just something you enjoy. Ask for engagement by asking readers to comment with their faves (or the ones they disliked).

NaNoWriMo: November is National Novel Writing Month! You can turn this topic into a series of posts where you let your readers follow you along as you work on your next book. You could also share advice to any newbie writers on how you get through the month.

Gratitude: November 23rd is Thanksgiving in the United States. Use this time to post about what you’re thankful for and how you’d like to end 2024.

Candles: November 1st is also Scented Candle Day. Take a photo of one of your most popular series with a lit candle on top. Or pair your books with candles (from whatever retailer you prefer) as a treat for your readers.

Share Your Why: November 15th is I Love to Write Day. Open up a little to your audience about why you write what you do. What speaks to you about it. What are you trying to accomplish with your writing? Stories are great marketing. Be a little vulnerable and draw your readers in.

GRWM (Get Ready With Me): Film a little “pack my bag with me” video of what you put in your bag to go to the park and chill with your latest read.

Writer Support: Shout out those who help you get through the solitary process of writing in one piece. This can be fellow author friends, IRL friends and family, and even your pets!

Snowed In: If you were to get snowed in with one book character in all of literature, who would you pick and why? Ask the same question of your readers for engagement.

Life Lessons: Share truths you’ve learned along your author journey. This post by Vanessa Rasanen is good inspiration for what I mean. Post this on a Monday with the hashtag #MotivationMonday.

Meet You In Memes: Post a carousel of memes that fit your vibe.

BONUS Social Media Content Ideas for Writers: Other November Bookish Events/Days

  • National Family Literacy Month: If you’re a children’s author, November is a great month to tie literacy into your marketing. There’s also National Young Readers Week on Nov 13th.
  • Family Stories Month: Do you write historicals or family sagas? Perfect month to talk about ancestry and family stories.
  • Library and Information Services Month: Celebrate libraries and all the joy they bring to our communities.
  • National Life Writing Month: This observance is all about writing memoirs and personal essays.
  • National Native American Heritage Month: Celebrate the books and characters of Native American authors all month long.
  • Project Management Day (Nov 2nd): Share with your readers how you juggle your projects and organize them.
  • National Cappuccino Day (Nov 8th): Post your current read, or latest release, alongside a cup of joe.
  • Diwali (Nov 12th): Spotlight some of your fave Indian authors and books.
  • Occult Day (Nov 18th): Paranormal and speculative authors, this one’s for you! Revel in the unknown and delve into the esoteric mysteries of your novels.
  • National Bible Week (Nov 19th): Are you a Christian author? Post about how the Bible inspires your work.
  • Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday (Nov 24th-26th): All good days to talk about how your books make great holiday gifts.

So there you have it, folks! We’ve reached the end of our November social media content inspiration journey. Remember, social media is all about connection and sharing, so don’t hesitate to be your authentic self.

Keep in mind that consistency and engagement are key to growing and maintaining your online presence, so stay active, respond to comments, and, most importantly, have fun. Until next time, happy posting, and may your feeds be filled with the magic of November!

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Teresa is a full-time freelance book cover designer and graphic designer for Wolfsparrow Covers. When not creating graphics or book covers for indie authors and traditional publishers, Teresa can be found writing erotic romance under her pen name Torrance Sené or fueling her addictions to tea, planners, and Marvel.